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For Stronger durability ・2012年3月27日

From the material

By collaborating with the refractory manufacturer, Sunflame modifies the quantity of the materials according to the climate. This process stabiles the quality of the refractory.

The construction method

By original manufacturing methods (ex. Stabilizing the drying speed of the refractory), and by strict quality controls of the manufacturing process and the water content during construction, Sunflame strengthens and improves the quality of its refractory.


The dried refractory still contains a certain amount of water.
If the refractory of this condition is heated drastically, the refractory will be damaged by the evaporation of the water.
By taking 4 hours for dehydrating the refractories with temperature control, the refractories will be dried sufficiently, and the initial strength of the material will be intensified.

To enlarge the durability of the refractory

If no cleaning is done after every operation of the incinerator, the refractory may corrode, and fall down.
To enlarge the life of the refractory, frequent cleaning of the furnace is recommended.

For damaged refractories, the after-sales service of Sunflame can practice the repair in few days. (For overall recovering, 3-4 days are required)
The after-sales service is also available for ships at anchorage.

For the recovery of your refractory