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Rotary Cup Burner

The Third Generation Rotary Cup Burner ・2012年3月27日

Simplified structure: Improved reliability and reduced maintenance.

The Direct Driven Rotary Cup Burner

The rotary cup burner, known with its excellent performance of oil fuel combustion, though, is also known for its numerous component parts. Sunflame Rotary Cup Burner overcomes this by its continuous developments, and has simplified the structure of the burner reducing its amount of parts.
Since the 3rd generation, the rotary cup burner of Sunflame became beltless by connecting the motor to the cup shaft, and rotates the cup directly. This is the direct driven rotary cup burner, which became light weighted reducing its parts, and realized a stable combustion with less maintenance.

Fuel Efficient Firing

(For models from SDR-350 to SDR-1500)
By the development of the third generation, the Sunflame rotary cup burner managed to widen its turn down ratio.
The direct driven rotary cup burner regulates the speed of the cup rotation according to the volume of the fuel flow and can enjoy large turn-down ratio, minimizing unnecessary start/stop operations of the boiler according to the steam pressure.
This system offers the best atomization at every range, and achieves the supreme combustion performance ever seen as a boiler burner.