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Company History

History of Sunflame ・2012年3月27日

1968 Established “Osaka-Sunflame KK” as a burner service company
1969 Start producing oil firing burners
1972 Developed waste oil incinerators with the rotary cup burner
1980 Released the “SSR” and “R” series, a new rotary cup burner
1982 New company name “Sunflame Co., Ltd.”
1998 Released new incinerator models complying with IMO Annex VI Reg. 16
2001 Released the “SDR” series, a new rotary cup burner
2005 Obtained ISO-9001 certificate by NK
Moved to a new (present) factory/office in Kyoto
2006 Released a new combustion system for VLCCs
2008 Released “SDR-1500” a new rotary cup burner model
Released a new incinerator model for small vessels “OSV2-190S”
2009 Developed the emulsion combustion system for the rotary cup burner Released a new rotary cup burner model “SDR-350/500/700”
2014 Developed the “SDR-G series” a new gas/oil burner to burn LNG.
Expanded the factory for new test facilities
Developed the Ceramic Board, a new refractory system for the incinerator
Started production of license incinerators for Chinese market
2016 Developed the Smart Support System using networks connections to support ships
2017 Developed the MGO Auto Change-over unit for the rotary cup burner
2018 Developed the Level Sensor Check-up/Boiler Pre-heating Support system for
preventing dry-heating of boilers with our customer
Received the first order for the SDR-G series gas/oil dual fuel burner (Delivery 2019)